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Anonymous said: so international, how cool :)

yes. :)) - Max

Anonymous said: where are you from?

Germany - Max
Rumania - Mada
Poland - Linda

Anonymous said: Smh means shake my head

thanks! :) - Max

Anonymous said: What does "smh" means?

did you mean…SMG? or SMTH? bc I don’t think “smh” means something.

So, SMG = Selena Marie Gomez and SMTH = something. -Mada

In the comments they said SMH means shaking my head.
Thank you guys! - Max

Anonymous said: Hey i wanzend to ASK if you know if selena is coming to Austria

ummm I don’t think she is coming to Austria anytime soon. -Mada

Anonymous said: Selena and Tommy Chiabra seem to have something going on, and to be honest I would love to see Sel dating a good guy and being happy!! Love your blog xoxo

It seems like it, but Tommy was also hugging/cuddling Cara too..-Mada

Anonymous said: idc about her smoking really. but since, she doesn't have a powerful voice and wants to make it as a pop singer, it's not the best idea. But it's her life.

Well yeah, but since she is smoking at parties I don’t think it’s a big deal for her health. - Mada

Anonymous said: Please tell me some sources where your pics from?

X X - Mada

Anonymous said: Is Selena dating Nial Horran?

definitely not. - Mada